After much ado about something, on May 22, Annika Sörenstam will be the first woman to hit the links in a PGA tour event since Babe Zaharias in 1945. And she’ll be the first woman ever to go tee to tee with the boys, I mean men, at the Bank of America Colonial in Fort Worth, Texas. The Colonial, which has been a stop on the PGA Tour every year since 1946, is a course steeped in history and tradition. Annika’s appearance will only add to both.

Rated one of the best female players in the world, Annika has said she wants to up the challenge quotient by playing in the PGA. She may be getting more than she bargained for. Anyone who’s even remotely interested in golf has an opinion on how well she’ll play, what her biggest obstacles are, what her future holds, and even what she should eat for breakfast. In addition to the stress of constant attention (which some of us thrive on), there’s the whole female thing. For almost 60 years there hasn’t been a woman player at a PGA event, which of course sets up all sorts of expectations — good and bad — for this superstar.

Shew. That’s a lot of pressure. Hopefully she’ll have time to read our story about Deepak Chopra’s spiritual approach to the game. Me? I think I would have been happy to continue leading the way in the LPGA and basking in the glory. Which would be especially rewarding since I don’t even know how to hold a golf club.

Personally, I think all this need to succeed and pressure to perform is overrated, but most people are fueled by such things. Annika is just one high-profile example of how most of us try to better ourselves each and every day. Sure, we don’t stand to win $5 million for doing it, but our achievements are valued at about as much.

In this issue we offer you both challenges and rewards. If you’re feeling especially bold, you can take a stab at updating your house for the 21st century. The secret, it seems, is all about having the right wires — and in some cases, the right contractors. We also challenge you to give your kids the straight talk about money. Informing even the littlest ones about the need for money management is oh-so-important in this day and age, but parents have more trouble talking about the green stuff than they do the birds and bees. In the workplace, your goal is to run an effective and efficient meeting. If you’re at a loss for where to start (go on, admit it), turn to page 64 for all of the answers.

As a reward for all of this hard work, we’ve got some great recommendations for places you can kick back and enjoy yourself. And with a national holiday at the end of the month, the time is right to take off. You could head to Cincinnati, where you’ll find much more than just chili awaiting you. Or treat yourself like a star at some of the hottest spots in Hollywood. And Candice Bergen offers up her personal tour of New York. How can you pass that up? For the ultimate reward, head to Bath, outside of London, and soak in centuries-old waters that have been channeled into an elegant and restful spa.

Of course, it’s just fine with me if you want to head straight for easy street and let the Annikas of the world handle the tough stuff.