The Travel section in this issue of American Way has got it going on. It’s always good, of course, but some issues click more than others. This time it’s especially diverse in the types of stories and destinations featured, and it’s big — 20 pages of places to go and things to do.

Following a jampacked Trends opener filled with travel news from around the globe, you’ll find Celebrated Weekend featuring Hugh Grant’s London. The concept behind our signature cover feature is to have A-list celebrities give us an insider’s tour of their favorite city, and much hard work goes on behind the scenes to make it happen. Most celebrities live in New York or Los Angeles; important cities, of course, but there’s a whole world out there to see. The feature would get old pretty fast if everyone talked about just those two places. So we ask them about their hometowns, or their favorite vacation destinations, or a city they recently filmed in. But convincing a celebrity to talk about a place he doesn’t currently live in can backfire, if he ends up not knowing or remembering much about it.

Hugh Grant’s London epitomizes this feature at its best. Reading it, you can’t help but “hear” Grant’s voice guiding you to his favorite pubs, tailors, and Indian restaurants. He lives there, and it shows.

Our Travel feature, “Playtime In Paris”, combines two classics: Paris, a perennial dream destination, and kids, as in family vacation. The two really can mix, and after reading this story, I’m eager to take on Paris with my own family in tow.

Next, we travel to Chile to winery hop its newer boutique wineries. Everyone knows that Chile has been producing some great wines, but its wine tourism industry is just taking off. Go now and beat the crowd.

Speaking of Go Now, this issue’s in-the-know department guides you to the hippest and hottest new areas of Dallas Associate editor Janet Thomas, who has lived in Dallas for 17 years, shares her favorite findings of the newest and/or best restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels in the trendy Uptown and Downtown areas of Big D.

Juggling a world of destinations and different types and lengths of stories to find the right mix every time is a challenge, but Jill Becker, the senior editor responsible for the Travel section, does an outstanding job. After reading it, I’m sure you’ll agree. Let us know what you think at

Elaine Srnka