If you’re reading this, you noticed our cover star, Jennifer Lopez, the subject of this issue’s Celebrated Weekend. A mainstay in American Way for 10 years, Celebrated Weekend is our signature feature in which A-list stars give us guided tours of their favorite cities. The roster of folks we’ve featured is an unbelievable Hollywood who’s who, with some sports stars, musicians, authors, and politicos sprinkled in.

As with anything in life, you can’t hit a home run every time. All Weekends are good, some are awesome, a handful could be better. Those few happen when the celebrity doesn’t remember or know the city as well as we’d thought. Such was not the case with Jennifer Lopez. This woman really knows New York; she’s a born-and-bred local, and it shows. She recalls memories from her childhood, but tells you her favorite restaurants, shops, and bars today. (Yes, she even mentions Puffy.) The cover story was no problem, but the cover image was a bit more so.

While we think a subtle degree of sexiness is engaging, we’re still the magazine of American Airlines and don’t want anything that’s “too much.” But you can’t get around the fact that Lopez is some kind of sexy — even with a picture cropped up to her chin. So the challenge was finding a cover image that works (“maybe we can airbrush this, crop out that, cover this up”). This one is still classic J.Lo, but she’s pretty in pink, almost sweet.

There’s much more in this issue, including a tour of San Francisco’s neatest neighborhoods (page 30), a look at an unconventional London ad agency (written by associate editor Lori Stacy, page 78), and an in-the-know story on the latest golf gear (page 56); every golfer I’ve mentioned it to drools over these new drivers and balls. And don’t forget to enter the Road Warrior contest (page 77); you could win a luxurious Lincoln Navigator or an American Airlines Vacations trip to Europe.

Elaine Srnka