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This is my third time filling this page, and those of you who read my first two entries know that I love to talk about Cleveland, my hometown. (Not that editor Adam Pitluk, also from Cleveland, doesn’t give an appropriate number of shoutouts to our homeland himself, but I digress.) What’s more, as close friends and Facebook acquaintances alike will attest, I like to talk about all the sports championships that Cleveland teams are going to win. This despite a title drought that has left Cleveland trophy-hungry since 1964. My optimism regarding Cleveland’s experiencing sports nirvana again someday will never wane. I guess it really is true what they say: Some things never change.

Change. Springtime seems the perfect occasion to reflect on that word, one that is exemplified by the budding, blooming newness that’s evident every year at this time. From New York to L.A. and from Dallas to — you guessed it — Cleveland, folks nationwide are enjoying May flowers courtesy of those always-reliable April showers. People are cleaning out closets; opening windows to let in the outside air after a sealed-up, snowed-in winter; and they’re enjoying not only the physical signs of change they can see outdoors but the opportunities for personal change that such natural rebirth encourages.

Like, for instance, a bachelor of more than 15 years finally deciding to share his Cleveland-­centric existence with someone else via cohabitation. Now, granted, Libby — the aforementioned new roomie/girlfriend/brand-new Cleveland ­Indians fan — has already warned this Northeast Ohio native that when it comes to the NBA, all bets are off. Libby, originally from Florida and a die-hard Orlando Magic fan, will never, ever root for the Cavaliers over the Magic. So noted. (Though, as any Clevelander will tell her, she’s so lucky that she’s not a Miami Heat fan.) But Orlando doesn’t have a team in Major League Baseball, and Libby is game to become an Indians loyalist, a blind devotion that is greatly appreciated. For proof of this selfless gesture, I need only look at the birthday present she recently gave me (pictured above), intended for our new home and, if you ask me, the ultimate display of love given that Libby’s extreme skill at home decorating and her spot-on sense of what does and doesn’t look nice together were severely challenged by this sign. But like I, she’s open to a little change.

Moving into a new place and living with one more person than you’ve been accustomed to living with for a decade and a half is, naturally, a bit scary. Chances are good that fast food and other assorted takeout will no longer be on the menu every night. I might even turn on the Food Network (up until now, my remote has been stuck on ESPN) and learn to cook something. As a night owl, I have to incorporate that lifestyle with that of someone who values sleep more than Three’s Company reruns at 2 a.m. But then, starting a new life with someone also has countless benefits you can’t get when going it alone, such as having someone to go to the movies with at a moment’s notice or to be there to listen after you get a flat tire right after paying nearly $4 a gallon to fill up a car that you just found out needs new brakes — an expensive, though necessary, kind of change.

Another person who knows all about change is this issue’s cover celebrity, Helena Bonham Carter. Twice nominated for an Academy Award, ­Bonham Carter has been a chameleon throughout her career, playing queens, commoners and paupers in period pieces, fantasies and everything in between. This month, she’ll co-star in director/­husband Tim Burton’s big-screen take on the classic late-1960s soap opera Dark Shadows. To learn more about Bonham Carter’s role in the film, her unique living arrangement with Burton and her brilliant idea for a new app, turn to page 48.

While you’re doing that, I’ll be seeking out more change — between the cushions of our couch. I’ll need every penny I can find to buy our tickets to watch the Indians win the World Series this year.

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