May 11 is the official day that we thank our moms for being mom. If you’re reading this before that date, you’re in luck and still have time to do it up big. If you’re reading this after the 11th and didn’t remember, you’re in trouble and have no choice but to make it up to her and do it up huge!

We’re here to help. Within these pages we have lots of excellent ideas for celebrating mom. Might we suggest an all-expense-paid trip to one of the great, small Caribbean bungalows we’ve discovered (page 27)? Or if she likes a little more activity, enjoy all things creole in New Orleans (page 24). Of course, if you really want to do mom right, you’ll head to Paris (with her). Everyone needs to experience the City of Light’s charm and wine and food and museums and … you get the picture. On
page 18, singer Shania Twain tells you everything you need to know to make the most of your Paris visit.

While we’re in a celebratory mood, let’s turn our attention to two well-known and respected icons who appeared on the scene 100 years ago. While their lineage may have hinted at greatness, who could have predicted what an impact they’d have on people around the world? If you didn’t guess Bob Hope and the airplane, then I’m missing out on some other cool centenarians.

Bob Hope started his career as a vaudeville entertainer, then moved on to Broadway, the big screen, and the boombox (called a radio back in the day). But he truly tickled our hearts and our funny bones as a wartime entertainer extraordinaire. He has spent his lifetime bringing a little piece of home and a lot of laughter to our military troops abroad. I could go on, but I don’t have to. Turn to page 32 to take your own private tour of Bob Hope’s 100 years of accomplishments.

To say the airplane is celebrating a century is a bit of a stretch. It’s actually the birth of flight. Many people dreamed up flying machines prior to the Wright Brothers. And as it is with many milestones, you can find people who will say the Wright Brothers weren’t the first to fly. But no one can dispute that in 1903, Orville made a 12-second flight that changed the face of travel. And since then, you only need to take a look around you (and a look at page 42) to see how far we’ve come. Thanks to the invention of the airplane and super speedy travel, think how quickly you and mom can now get to your vacation destination.

For you managers out there, we offer a great couple of stories with practical advice on communicating with your employees (page 62), and what today’s workers are looking for out of their jobs and their employers ( page 56). It’s essential information for everyone working in an office environment. And if you do it right, that’s yet another reason for celebration.

There are almost as many stories in here as there are years under Bob Hope’s belt. So take some time to read each one, and I bet you’ll agree that we all have something to celebrate.