I’m proud of the magazine we publish every two weeks. Our stories are more than merely entertaining; they’re relevant and useful. From cover to cover, it’s all good. But I must admit, I’m partial to the Trends pages that open the Travel, Lifestyle, and Business sections. They’re my favorite part of the magazine, and illustrate perfectly why American Way stands out from the rest of the pack.

Each Trends piece is four pages, and we pack an extraordinary amount of information into that space. For Travel Trends, associate editor Janet Thomas’ mail bin is jammed daily with news of the latest hotel happenings, museum openings, and other travel info from around the globe. She sifts through it with an experienced eye — not just as an editor, but as an avid traveler herself — and works with contributing editor Elaine Glusac and writer Josh Sens to find in-the-know news. Janet also fields suggestions from fellow staffers and our readers, who often write in with their favorite travel tip, hideaway hotel, or must-try restaurant. (Have a tip yourself? Log on to www.americanwaymag.com and click on Travel.)

Lifestyle Trends is equally impressive. Associate editor James Mayfield always wows me with his knack for nailing the news in a timely, witty way. This section features items from a handful of regular writers, as well as numerous staff-written pieces, including music reviews and sports interviews penned by James himself. His motto might be, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Awhile back when we first brainstormed the notion of a sports interview in every issue, many shot down the idea, worried that the logistics would be too challenging and time-consuming. After a few rocky attempts by others, James ultimately decided to just do it himself, and has personally interviewed some of the biggest names in almost every sport.

Business Trends poses a different challenge. Sports interview aside, while the other Trends pages demand sorting through reams of information to find the most worthwhile tidbits, business news isn’t often found in press releases. Senior editor Tracy Staton works with writers Chris Tucker and Beth Snyder Bulik to generate leads and research the latest in upcoming high-tech products, investment news, and trends and stats spanning every industry. Flying with Fast Company rounds out the section.

On the art side, the look of the pages is as “now”as the news they contain. Senior designer Marilyn Calley, associate design director Korena Bolding, and graphic designer Betsy Semple work wonders tracking down fantastic photography from all corners to create a dynamic package that brings the three Trends sections to life.

I’m constantly amazed at the cool stuff in these pages, which set the standard for our tagline, Trends for the Modern Traveler. Indeed, the entire magazine lives up to that tag, and this issue is no exception. Let us know what you think at editor@americanwaymag.com.

Elaine Srnka