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I love receiving letters from all of you. Even when you’re unhappy with something we’ve written, it makes me feel good to know that you read the magazine and were inspired to comment. Your responses also help us create a better magazine. Of course, it’s even more rewarding when the comments are positive! I laughed (kind of) when I read the nice note from Allan Koski (see page 12), who wished I had been in Chicagowith him and lots of other people when they were stranded. I absolutely agree with his point that luxurious hotels are rarely where road-warrior types end up staying (we have that debate often on our staff), but no BlackBerrys? Really? Allan, say it ain’t so! That’s when I love my BlackBerry the most — when I’m stuck in an airport, traffic, a boring meeting, a long line, etc.

Just like the majority of you who travel for work, our lives here are not all luxury hotels and penthouse suites. I just figure you’re not really that interested in the conference I went to where I stayed at that nondescript hotel with no elevator and only twin beds.

But believe me — we know that often that is exactly the kind of “home” you deal with when you’re on the road. It’s also nice to know, though, that there’s a whole world of beautiful (and even affordable) places out there for us when the time comes to pick our own destination — and destiny.

Which brings me back to our frequent staff debate. Those of you who travel on our planes and read our magazine are an affluent bunch. With that in mind, we often try to cater to what we think your needs are. But we also realize that no matter how much money any of us makes, it’s rarely enough. Kids, food, books, magazines, clothing, vacations, school, 401(k)s — they all eat up our precious green. So we try to balance the “wouldn’t it be nice” sorts of places with the “this is too good to be true” spots.

In fact, we have an entire issue dedicated to travel and being on the road coming up in July. It will be jam-packed with great local finds, tips, gadgets, events, and all sorts of things you should know. And since we can’t be everywhere or see everything, we’d like your help. Write in and tell us about your favorite place on the road (the one that no one else knows about) or at home. And share your favorite websites too. I hear so many people say “This site has the best travel deals” or “This site has lots of great travel information.” What are your favorite sites, the ones you turn to before you take a trip for business or for pleasure? Maybe you have a great exercise strategy, or know of an awesome bike or running path in the cities you frequent. We want to know about it.

Surely you don’t always want to hear what we have to say. So use this opportunity to talk with people just like you. Share your knowledge. It’s as simple as sending an e-mail message (a task you already do hundreds of times a day, right?) to editor@americanwaymag.com. Please put “Travel Tip” in the subject line so we can identify it easily.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to search out the kind of information that a busy, smart, successful traveler like you needs to know, and we’ll look forward to hearing your words of well-traveled wisdom.

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