A couple of months ago, I asked you if you’d be interested­ in seeing Sudoku in the magazine. And I was very excited­ that many of you took the time to answer that question — and that the answer was overwhelmingly yes. So, turn to page 112 and what do you see? Not one, but three ­Sudoku puzzles you can try your hand at! I gave the “gentle” one a whirl but finally had to give up because the smell of my brain scorching was worse than that of burned popcorn. My mom swears there are hints and tips that will help me actually complete one, but I’m going to have to give my brain cells some time to cool off (gotta protect the few I have left).

I hope you’ll have better luck with Sudoku than I did. In any case, after you’ve finished reading all the great stories in this issue, it will be a nice diversion.

Plus, through the addition of this game, we hope you’ll realize the power of your voice and opinion. We really do care what you think, and we’d love to hear more from you.

Have you noticed we have a letters page in (almost) every issue? Check it out on page 16. We’ve added a new element to the page that requests “Your Two Cents.” We actually just moved it from somewhere else in the magazine, but based on the lack of response we were getting, I’m guessing most of you didn’t even know it existed. So take a look and drop us a quick line (or a long letter) at editor@americanwaymag.com.

If you’re thinking you don’t have time to be writing e-mail messages to magazines, let me know what would make it worth your while. A chance to win a cool gift? A few extra miles in your AAdvantage account?

We want to continue to bring you things you’re interested in, and the best way for us to know what you want is for you to talk to us. And I know you’re a talkative, opinionated group, because when I meet you in person you have all kinds of wonderful ideas and suggestions. Give it some thought and let me know.

For instance, we’ve had our new “DownLow” section in the magazine for a few months now. I, of course, think it’s awesome. But I’d love to know if you agree. Have you enjoyed the bands and books you’ve been reading about? Are you familiar with them? Are there other kinds of music or writing you’d like to see us include? What’s your favorite part of the section — or your least favorite?

If nothing else, by writing to us, you’ll make us feel wanted and appreciated, and that will surely score you a few points of karma. And who can’t use that?

But don’t limit yourself. Flip through the magazine and let us know what catches your eye, what stories you find particularly­ interesting (or boring), what you love in the magazine, and what you wish we had more of. Please don’t make me beg! It’s so unbecoming.

Picture of Sheri Burns

Sherri Gulczynski Burns