Forty-eight columns. That’s how many I’ve written in my two years as editor of this fine publication. Every two weeks (don’t tell me you didn’t realize we come out every two weeks as opposed to once a month), I’m faced with writing yet another interesting, intelligent, and humorous column. I’d say I’ve succeeded in one out of every 10, and that’s being generous. I don’t know how Jim Shahin does it. He’s been writing his column for American Way for more than 10 years!

And because at my age I don’t need this kind of stress, I’ve decided to give myself an anni­versary gift and hang up my pen — or keyboard, to be exact — and head out to work with the whales or open a coffee shop with a double drive-through or try my hand at some other completely new (and somewhat crazy)­ career. Perhaps this is just my own version of a quarter­-life crisis, but instead of buying a red Corvette, I’m quitting my job (hey, no one ever said I was smart).

There’s a lot I’ll miss about working at a magazine — and especially this magazine. As every­one wants to reach only a specific part of the population, when you browse the newsstand you’ll find magazines for men, women, cooks, parents, runners, bikers, fashionistas … the list goes on. But it’s hard to find a “general-interest” magazine anymore, much less a great general-interest magazine. But American Way is just that. Knowing that there’s a wide spectrum of people and interests on our planes allows us to deliver a little something for everyone in each issue. And as fun as those stories are for you to read (every two weeks), it’s even more fun for us to dream them up.

And then there are the people I get to work with every day. The creative and fun-loving editors and designers, the impressively talented freelance writers and artists we hire, the energetic and successful salespeople — they all go into making each day an interesting one to come to work to.

And I can’t leave out the travel. I’m able to see and experi­ence the most amazing things all around the world on an airline that can take me anywhere I want to go. How cool is that?

Hmmmm. Maybe leaving my great job isn’t such a good idea after all. Rather than my own version of a quarter-life crisis, maybe this should just be my own version of an April Fool’s joke. Yeah, I like that idea much better.

So, before you start imagining what the new editor would be like and what you could look forward to, let me just repeat: This is only an April Fool’s joke. If I were really quitting my job, you probably wouldn’t even know it until someone else’s picture appeared on this page. So breathe a big sigh of relief knowing that I will continue to think up topics every two weeks for a long time to come (maybe I’ll get some pointers from Jim). And if you’re reading this after April 1, my apologies. I figured I could extend the “holiday” a bit since our cover (and the bottom of this page) actually says it’s still April 1.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you again when? Yep, in two weeks!
Picture of Sheri Burns