For those of you who read American Way regularly, you’ve probably noticed that there is a new person on this page. This is no April Fool’s joke. Elaine Srnka, who formerly graced this column, has become the editor of our quarterly luxury publication, Celebrated Living. So check in with her when you fly in First or Business Class.

Now, as the new editor of American Way, I’ll be here every two weeks to give you the inside skinny on the stories you’ll be reading.

And that’s not a typo. I did say every two weeks. Did you realize that American Way is published 24 times a year? No one ever seems to believe it. And sometimes, neither do we. Every 14 days, our staff of 15 editors and designers, along with lots of valuable contributors, brings you a magazine packed with all of the travel, lifestyle, and business information you need to know. In this issue we do it again, but with a bit of a spin.

Along with practical jokes and creative high jinks, April 1 is about the time we all get a little antsy for spring and anxious to get out from behind our desks. So just do it! Pack your bags and head to Europe, where you can take advantage of great deals and enjoy some of the world’s most interesting cultures and landmarks without all the crowds.

Great idea, eh? To help you make your plans, this issue focuses on all things European. Where to go, what to eat, how to do business, and a whole host of other topics. First you’ll want to read about Ewan McGregor’s favorite London haunts. Then you should check out our story on how to cruise (literally) around Europe, which is the perfect way to squeeze in lots of destinations. Also not to be missed is the story on cultural faux pas you won’t want to make when traveling abroad, and the latest on how the euro is faring — important since you’ll be using it often. There’s more, of course, and after reading everything, you’ll need a spreadsheet to help you organize all of the wonderful options.

Whether you’re leaving for Europe next week or can’t escape from the office for a few months, drop this issue in your briefcase so all of the essential information inside will be right at your fingertips.
Be sure and check back with us often. In the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you stories on how to make your meetings more efficient and how to build the most high-tech house on the block, as well as the best places to golf in Cabo San Lucas and the must-have gear for your next backpacking weekend. Enjoy your travels and I’ll talk to you soon. In two weeks, to be exact.