One late evening as I sat behind my desk (a little bitterly, I might add) working on this issue, I had a eureka moment. Here we were putting together a great health and fitness section, and there I was, sitting behind my desk exercising nothing but my fingers (and, truth be told, probably eating a bag of chips or some other equally evil food group). As we recommended the smartest ways to lose weight and stay healthy, I just sat around and complained about how I couldn’t find time to work out anymore.

But somewhere between the pictures of Courtney Thorne-Smith and the story on trans fat (where I did my own math on that bag of potato chips), I realized my priorities were messed up. I was spending entirely too much time and energy on something made up of ink and paper instead of spending that same time and energy on my physical and mental well-being. So I packed up my things, turned off my computer, and went for a run. Since that day, I’ve been doing this much more regularly. And you know what? I not only feel better, I’m able to accomplish more.

So if our special health and fitness section can do that for me, a born procrastinator, imagine what it can do for you!

I recommend starting with our F.A.T. (Fitness Aptitude Test), to find out your fitness IQ. We all spend a lot of time chasing the latest diet and exercise trends, and this story gives you the simple truth about what works and what doesn’t. See how you measure up. We also explore the dreaded trans fat in our foods. Nutrition labels will soon be spelling out the ugly truth for us, so we might as well start learning how to recognize and avoid it now. One of my favorite stories is about the Muddy Buddy race. This is a great example of how exercise can be fun. Of course, like so many things, “fun” here is a very subjective term.

For inspiration, read our story with Courtney Thorne-Smith, who is the picture of health, and a fitness freak. Sure, part of her beauty is genetics, but when you read about the things she enjoys doing when she’s in Boulder, Colorado, you’ll realize there’s an exercise element behind her glow. And you might see the city in a whole new light.

If you just can’t wrap your head around exercise, we’ve included other great stories, including one about nature trails in Hong Kong of all places, and an interview about the future of prescription drugs with the CEO of Roche. We also have a story by Carol Weston, author of the widely popular Melanie Martin teen fiction series, who takes a real trip to Europe with her daughter, and highly recommends it to you parents out there.

Whatever your interests, we hope these stories will enlighten you, provide interesting topics for conversation with friends, and encourage you to spend more time outdoors or in a gym instead of behind your desk. Here’s to your health. And mine.