By nature I’m not technically oriented. While I appreciate that high-tech gadgets can simplify our lives, the learning curve required to operate them — no matter how brief — turns me off. Slowly, though, my husband is making me a convert. I think TiVo is the greatest thing to happen to TV; ditto the iPod for music. A film holdout forever, I now carry a tiny digital camera everywhere I go. And I’m finally admitting that maybe a PDA would be better than all those scraps of to-do lists and phone numbers scattered around my office, home, handbag, briefcase, car … . So, even though I’m a latecomer, even I can appreciate the cool factor of “Yearning Japanese,” an in-the-know gadget story. In it, you’ll learn where to find Japan’s latest head-turning tech toys and tools not yet available in North America. You’ll be the envy of your tech-geek friends (and maybe even me).

Also oh-so-in-the-know, our Travel feature,“Islands Less Traveled”, turns you on to still-hidden hideaways in the Caribbean. Contributing editor Elaine Glusac’s roundup of five idyllic islands will have you yearning to escape.

Elsewhere in the Travel section, read about Patricia Heaton’s San Diego in our cover story, Celebrated Weekend. The actress from Everybody Loves Raymond, Heaton’s account of staying at a high-end hotel with her four boys will make you laugh out loud (well, anyone who has attempted toilet-training a child should appreciate it).
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