Most people like to think of themselves as in-the-know, but for the staffers at American Way, it’s part of the job description. To live up to American Way’s tagline — “Trends for the Modern Traveler” — we at the magazine strive to find the newest, ultimate, most useful information for our Travel, Lifestyle, and Business sections.

When we redesigned our magazine last year, we knew our Web site had to follow suit. Though we’ve had a site for years, we just didn’t give it the attention it needed. So over the last few months, we’ve been fervently mapping out a new and improved American Way Web site, one that’s just as up-to-date as the magazine.

Since tech matters most definitely aren’t my in-the-know strength, it’s a good thing the magazine didn’t rely on me to lead the way. Taking that charge is our marketing director, Sharon McGrath, who amazes me with her ability to take an idea and immediately turn it into reality (or virtual reality, I suppose).

The site mirrors the structure of the magazine — or offline magazine, as Sharon and other folks in the biz call it. Like the offline magazine, the online magazine is divided into sections — notably Travel, Lifestyle, and Business. You’ll find expanded editorial content, including American Way favorites such as 3 Bottles, Jim Shahin, our signature Celebrated Weekend, and more. Our new archive and power search functions will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. In addition, readers will be able to contact us, as will advertisers, who will be able to access our media kit and other sales information.

It’s set to relaunch mid-month, so check us out at Let us know what you think; you know where to find us.