Now just what do you suppose I mean by “The Man Issue”? Am I about to go on a rant about the many issues men have? (I’m sure you’re wondering how that could fill up a whole page.) Or perhaps I want to talk about my issues with men. (Again with the whole-page thing.) And while those certainly are scintillating topics worth examining (at least to women), neither of those is my topic … this time. I actually mean that headline quite literally.

This issue, as it turns out, is filled with stories that are usually thought of as interesting mostly to men. (How’s that for politically correct?)

I wish I could say I was prescient enough to have planned it. But, alas, even though I’ve read and looked at this issue 18 times, I didn’t notice it until it was about to head to the printer and I sat down to write my column (yep, busting my deadlines as always).

Let’s start with the cover. There you have Michael Chiklis — the tough star of that tough show The Shield — looking very manly and tough. Of course, in real life, he’s as nice as can be. But you only know that because I’m telling you — and if you read the story, he’ll tell you himself.

Then, as you flip through the pages and move farther inside, you’ll come across stories about golf, video games, beer, and sports other than golf. All very manly, wouldn’t you agree? (And, no, I’m not in any way suggesting that women won’t find these stories interesting. Just work with me here.)

But while these are all interesting stories, they aren’t my favorite stories (no real surprise, since I’m not a boy). Instead, I’m drawn — and I think everyone will be — to our fascinating story about India.

Writer David Swanson paints a picture of Delhi with the most vivid prose, really bringing the city to life. If the news somehow missed you, American Airlines now flies to Delhi from Chicago O’Hare, making it easy for you to go and check out India for yourself. I haven’t made it there yet, but it’s definitely high on my list.

Another subject I can never seem to get enough of is outer space. Although I’ve never dreamed of being an astronaut, I’m nevertheless spellbound by anything related to hurtling thousands of light-years beyond Earth. No matter what I read or hear or even see, the whole concept is unfathomable to me. That could have everything to do with the fact that I’m a failure at math and science, or it could just be that what we are doing is simply (or not so simply) phenomenal.

Truth be told, though, the man-issue thing is just spin. No matter whether you’re male or female, our diverse topics will be of interest to you. And if we’re really doing our jobs, you’ll even learn something new.

But if nothing else, at least I know my bosses will be nervous when they read that headline. Thus, my job here is done.

Picture of Sheri Burns