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How would you like to win a trip to London? It’s really easy. All you have to do is go to www.americanwaymag.com and enter for your chance to win two roundtrip coach tickets to London Stansted and three nights at the Hilton London Stansted Airport hotel . Not bad, huh? No quizzes, no essay questions — just a simple entry form. And why are we doing this? To celebrate our new service toLondon Stansted Airport. That now makes a total of three London airports we fly to!

If you’re not familiar with London’s East End, turn to page 22 for a peek at everything going on there, as reported by Gregory Katz, who has lived in London for nine years.

On page 36, you’ll find the second installment of our newest addition to the magazine: Word of Mouth. In this issue, we bring you the locals’ take on Philadelphia.

If you think you know the inside scoop on a city, whether it’s one you live in or one you just visit often, send your recommendations to us at editor@americanwaymag.com. We’d love to share them with everyone else. Because who better than you — road warriors that you are — to show us a city?

One other thing I must address here are some mistakes we made in our January 15 issue. You know, our Road Warrior issue? The one we work so hard on each year? As I told you then, it’s spectacular this year, but alas, we made a couple of spectacular mistakes, for which I’d like to apologize.

My first apology goes to Brad Dupray, one of the winners. On his casting sheet, where he answered questions about himself, we inadvertently cut off the last line in one of his responses. It is correct on our website, and I’m also including it here so those words can be seen in print.

To the question of whom would he thank upon winning an Academy Award, Brad’s reply was: “Kathy, the girls, and Mike. My mom, Lorraine; my brother, Mark; and my sisters, Rhonda and Luanne. My inlaws, George and Mary. All my friends at the Church Development Fund — they’re like family to me! And God, who makes all things possible.”

My second apology is to Panasonic, which has been one of the wonderful sponsors of the Road Warrior contest for many years. This year, they gave a W5 Toughbook laptop to each of the winners. But in crediting the laptop, which performed ably during our photo shoot (see how much work we’re getting done with it?), we didn’t quite get the spelling right. So to all of those wondering, yes, we do know that Panasonic is only spelled with two n’s . It was an unfortunate typo that made its way in.

Hopefully, we’ve now gotten our mistakes out of the way for 2008. I just hate that it happened to Brad and Panasonic.

Enjoy the issue, and be sure to head to our website, where mistakes can be fixed — and where you could win a trip to London!

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