I am a huge procrastinator; always have been. I firmly believe in why do today what you can do tomorrow. Or the next day. Or even the next month. The problem with this seeming character flaw (and I say seeming because I really don’t have a problem with my procrastination) is that it drives most people crazy. They just don’t understand why I can’t “touch a piece of paper once” instead of putting it aside, over and over and over again, until it finally becomes an urgent matter that I’m forced to deal with. I swear I do my best work under pressure. Or perhaps I just tell myself that.

Then Sam Solomon, one of our excellent designers, mentioned GTD and everything he’d been reading about it. I was unfamiliar with it and figured it was just another text message acronym I didn’t know.

As it turns out, GTD is an acronym for Getting Things Done. I found that very intriguing. When Sam explained the concept, I was interested in learning more, and to figure out whether it could help me. So we sent Chris Tucker to investigate the phenomenon and report back. His findings begin on page 58.

After our managing editor, Jennifer Worrell, read the story, she suggested we all take the course. But after I read the story, I was merely jealous. Simply based on what’s in our story, it’s clear to me that this is yet another “organizer” of sorts that I’ve failed at so often. I can’t even comprehend doing the two — yep, just two — key things they recommend. Pathetic, I know.

Perhaps you can help me with something I’m procrastinating about right now. You’re probably familiar with Sudoku, the Japanese puzzle that everyone’s doing. If you’re not, look around you. You’re sure to see someone with a furrowed brow as they study a square of numbers, like a crossword of digits.

Because Sudoku deals completely with numbers, it makes my brow furrow just to say it. Numbers and I have never really been friends. But that’s not the problem — at least not the problem at hand.

Because it’s so popular, we’re thinking about adding Sudoku to the magazine. And there’s the problem — thinking about it. I can’t seem to get past that point. Publishers need to be contacted, contracts need to be hammered out, meetings need to be had, but I just don’t feel the urgency to take the next step.

So maybe you can help me. Have you tried Sudoku? Are you interested in it? Would you like to see it in this magazine to help you while away the time?

Maybe if I know it’s something people will look forward to, that will send it shooting up my priority list. I figure it’s at least worth a try. So e-mail us at editor@americanwaymag.com and let us know if you’d like a nice numerical addition to our crossword and Mensa puzzles.

In the meantime, I’ll wallow in my procrastinating ways and hope that my friends and co-workers will continue to find it “amusing.”

But good luck to the rest of you out there. It sounds like lots of people have found GTD helpful, and what better time to start than at the beginning of a new year?

Picture of Sheri Burns