I can’t think of a better way to start the year than to announce that our 3rd Annual Ultimate Road Warrior contest is over. And in your hands you hold the results of hundreds of hours of hard work on the part of our staff, and on the part of all who entered. And that adds up to a special issue filled with hours of entertaining and enlightening reading for you.

But it’s only a fraction of all of the fascinating stuff that our readers included in their entries. You’ll notice, in fact, that in an attempt to fit in as many Road Warrior stories as we could, we decided to bump the UpFront section from this issue. (Never fear, it will return in all its glory in the January 15 issue.) I think it’s also safe to say that you’ll be seeing even more great stuff from the Road Warrior entries throughout the year. Jill Becker, our senior editor, became so attached to this project that she just can’t stop thinking about all of the interesting things we’ve read (and has even started having dreams about the contest entries). So we figure it’s a good idea not to waste that brain power and to share the wealth with you.

It took each and every one of our staffers to get through the almost 10,000 en­tries we received — a number no doubt influenced by the fantastic prizes donated by our generous sponsors, Hilton, Bose, Panasonic, and T-Mobile. You can’t imagine how difficult it was to weigh one entry against another, and the reading and debates went on for hours.

Once we chose the top 20, the finalists were called and asked three new Road Warrior-related ques­tions. We then listened to their audiotaped answers and debated the merits of each one. In the end, we were pleased with the results of all 20, but surprisingly, it was almost unanimous on who the top five should be.

That’s them on the cover, at the Hilton Tucson El Conquistador, which is where we got them together for a whirlwind photo shoot. If you click here, you can learn their vital statistics and read part of their winning entries. They’re an impressive bunch, and getting to meet such fun, interesting, and well-traveled people was definitely a highlight of the contest.

If you weren’t a winner this year, don’t give up. Archie Tew, our grand-prize winner, was actually a finalist last year, and one other entrant has made the top 15 the last two years. So it definitely pays to keep trying.

We’ll start accepting entries for the 4th annual contest early this summer — which is sooner than it seems — so you might want to start thinking about your entry now.

For a little inspiration, dig in and start reading. And enjoy.
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Congratulations To Our 3rd Annual Ultimate Road Warrior Winners And Finalists!

Grand Place: Archie Tew, President, Mohala, Inc.; Santa Fe, New Mexico

Second Place: Carolyn Hanley, Global Technical Instructor, Applied Materials; Austin, Texas

Third Place: Jeffrey Giles, Industry Manager, Emerson Motor Company; St. Louis, Missouri

Third Place: Keith Joseph, Infectious Disease Doctor, Partners In Health; New York City

Third Place: Bruce Schneier, Chief Technical
Officer, Counterpane Internet Security, Inc.;
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kenneth Adler, Professor, North Carolina
State University Veterinary College; Raleigh, North Carolina

Teresa Amend, Owner and Vice-Chairman
of the Board, The Amend Group; Dallas, Texas

Jodie Brinkerhoff, Director of Business
Development, Mintel International; San
Francisco, California

Barbara De Vries, First Vice-President,
Countrywide Home Loans; Dallas, Texas

Stephen (James) Dodge, Therapeutic Team
Director, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation; Chesterfield, Missouri

Ian Jarman, eServer iSeries Product Marketing Manager, IBM; Rochester, Minnesota

Leilani Latimer, Manager Cruise Product Marketing, Sabre Holdings; San Francisco, California

Erin Martin, Director of Internal Audit, Jordan Industries, Inc.; Wheeling, Illinois

Carlos Navarrete, Senior Clinical Research
Associate, Covance, Inc.; Plano, Texas

Stan Ray, Vice President for Legislative Affairs, Farm Credit Bank of Texas; Georgetown, Texas

John Robinson, Corporate Sales Manager, National Accounts, Glory USA, Inc.; Columbus, Ohio

Wesley Sackrule, Director of Sales, Eli Lilly;
Addison, Texas

Anthony Sarallo, Director WW Channels, Latin America, Motorola Canopy; Cumming, Georgia

Nina Smith, Channel Sales Manager, Visual
Networks; Costa Mesa, California

Josef Spencer, Principal, Phoenix Health Systems; Palmetto Bay, Florida