This issue of American Way welcomes the New Year with a new feature: Tips From The Road (available in the print edition of AW). It’s a catchy compilation of travel tips and tales from you, our readers, on anything and everything related to life on the go.

The idea for this column came from you. Over the years, readers have told us that they want to hear from other readers, especially those who travel frequently for business. Road warriors are a unique bunch, and can identify with each other’s highs and lows. In fact, we launched our annual Road Warrior Search last year precisely to learn more about this group. And learn we did: In the first two contests, 15,000 entrants shared with us how they manage life on the road. The staggering volume of information was so impressive that it couldn’t be contained or communicated in a single story, but was so useful that it was a shame not to use it somehow. We decided to feature these Road Warriors’ tips and tales in every issue, and beginning now you’ll find them on the last page of the magazine.

This first foray, on page 90, kicks off with the practical: packing tips from those who should know. (By the way, stay tuned for the results of our 2002 Road Warrior Search, which will be featured in the March 15 issue of American Way.)

Of course, don’t skip to the back without reading the rest of the magazine. You’ll find lots of in-the-know articles, from frequent contributor Ken McAlpine’s Take A Dive, a roundup of the best — and most unexpected dive spots in the U.S., to the latest trend in plastic surgery — for men in New, Improved You, and more.

Let us know what you think at Happy New Year!