It’s fitting to kick off a new year with a fresh start, so in this issue we unveil a completely new look for an important section of the magazine. The passenger information pages — the ones in the back of the book that flight attendants refer you to for terminal diagrams, customs form instructions, and more — are a crucial component of American Way. They include valuable details on luggage guidelines, check-in procedures, and using electronic equipment onboard. And let’s not forget the maps: Research tells us that our system maps are some of your favorite items in American Way.

With so much packed into those pages, they weren’t as organized, useful, or inviting as they could be. Tackling the section for an overhaul was a daunting challenge, but the team assembled for the occasion (a selection of editors, designers, and production pros led by our publisher) was up to the task and the results were definitely worth it.

Starting on page 84 in the print edition of the magazine, you’ll find a package that matches American Way’s other sections — Travel, Life- style, and Business — in page design, copy organization, and even picture usage. During the planning stages, the staff loftily called these our dream pages, because we had high hopes for the outcome, and I think we more than met our goal. It’s an innovative approach, featuring not just the essential must-know rules and regulations, but also ever-changing news on inflight entertainment, AAdvantage® happenings, Admirals Club® offerings, our oneworldTM alliance, getaways from American Airlines Vacations®, the latest aircraft amenities, technology updates, and so much more. And, of course, your favorite maps are still there, albeit new and improved.

As always, our other sections are filled with good stuff, too, including features on cold-weather beaches; starting your own wine cellar; seven business trends you can’t ignore; and, of course, Celebrated Weekend, this time with Kim Cattrall in Vancouver. Let us know what you think.

Elaine Srnka