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The Office’s Ed Helms proves that sometimes, it’s hip to be square.

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There’s never been a better time to be a nerd -- just ask Ed Helms. Last summer, the former The Daily Show with Jon Stewart correspondent dominated the box office as browbeaten dentist Stu Price in The Hangover. And this month, he’ll reprise his role as Cornell University– educated kiss-up Andy Bernard on NBC’s The Office. Without a doubt, the 35-year-old Atlanta native is now a formidable comic presence -- a multihyphenate who can sing, play the banjo, write, act, edit, and direct. “It’s weird that guys like me are finding success today,” he says, “because we’re only really doing all the stuff people used to call us nerds for. But it’s kind of cool, too, you know?” We chatted with Helms about missing teeth, the changing face of comedy, and what it’s like to work in TV’s most famous office.