So you want to sell on eBay, but don’t want to photograph your tchotchkes, write clever pitches, track bids, answer queries, and deal with shipping?

No problem. Just take Aunt May’s Bing Crosby 78s to one of the many eBay storefronts springing up around the country. For a fee of usually between 25 and 38 percent of the item’s sale price, middlemen like Auction Gateway, Snappy Auctions, Auction Drop, and QuikDrop handle the hassles and cut you a check when the dealing’s done.

Veteran traders like Christopher Spencer of Burbank, California, say the storefronts are a logical outgrowth of eBay’s Trading Assistants program, in which about 34,000 registered TAs sell for others. (EBay owns no storefronts itself, but recently introduced its Trading­Post brand to certify qualified drop-off stores.)

Spencer, who is a TA, says the drop-off boom proves the average person doesn’t want to spend time selling. “They want to be part of the [eBay] success story, but they’d rather delegate,” he says.