KYOCERA 2135 (around $150)
You look marvelous — why shouldn’t your phone? Rely on the 2135 and its snappy, swappable faceplates (e.g., grass green, electric blue, crystal
orange) to dazzle clients and punctuate presentations. Moreover, this phone rings pretty and bright, with Web and two-way message access, four hours of talk time, and memory enough to store 100 fabulous names and numbers. (800) 349-4188
SANYO SCP-6000 (around $300)
Flip open this magnesium-alloy-cased slimster and watch the eyes widen all around. The reason: Sanyo’s splashy, 1.5-inch color display, which lets you download and then show off crisp text, graphics, and pictures, including photo caller ID, with storage for up to 25 images. The ultra-thin 6000 also holds up to 300 e-mails, URLs, and names, and 500 phone numbers, with easy Web and organizer access. (800) 480-4727
NEXTEL I85S (around $170)
Sharp and shiny, the nifty new i85s (made by Motorola for Nextel) fits nicely into any 9-to-5er’s pocket and schedule. In work mode, callers get three-way and voice-activated dialing, audio memos, and a speakerphone, plus an eight-line LCD screen and a PDA-style organizer for addresses, daily schedules, and expenses. But when a break is in order, simply close the door, switch on the Java 2 Micro Edition, and spend a few decadent minutes playing Sega games. (800) 639-8359 — MARC BOISCLAIR