Today’s keyboards light up, fold up, split up, and send up the old QWERTY layout. Wireless and optical or ergonomic and sloped, you'll never just hunt-and-peck again.

Touchstream LP Zeroforce Keyboard, $339

Keyboard and mouse are combined all in one; uses very light strokes for typing and “gestures” to work the mouse. Folds up for easy travel.

LIABILITIES: Takes from a few days to a few weeks to get back to “normal” after typing with this fancy gadgetry.
BOTTOM LINE: Seriously expensive, but seriously cool.
Auravisions’ Eluminx Illuminated Keyboard, $80

One-of-a-kind lighted
keyboard available in bone, black, and silver, with two shades of blue illumination.
LIABILITIES: No on/off switch.
BOTTOM LINE: Although more expensive than a typical keyboard, it’s great for reducing eyestrain when working at night or in low-lit spaces (like airplane cabins).
True-touch Roll-Up Keyboard, $20

The ultimate in portability, just roll up this blue, flexible, full-size board and go.
LIABILITIES: It’s only compatible with Windows.
BOTTOM LINE: Cheap, easy to use, and sealed in plastic, which makes this a great buy for travelers — and coffee spillers.