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James Marsden goes from lady-killing to bunny-hopping in his new animated flick.

Is there nothing that James Marsden can’t do? He sings (Hairspray and Enchanted), he wields superpowers (the X-Men trilogy), he steals the laughs from veteran comics (Death at a Funeral), and he’s not too bad at wooing the girl either (The Notebook and 27 Dresses). Now,the 37-year-old Oklahoma native is set to give your kids giggle fits in Hop.

On Hop: “It’s this great buddy comedy with a subversive edge to it. I had the same feeling I had when I read Enchanted — that there was something unique about it. Just because it’s an animated movie, it doesn’t need to rely on cheap jokes. It takes the intelligence of the audience very seriously, whether they are 6 years old or 60 years old.”

On his diverse roles: “I almost treat it like food: ‘Well, we had Chinese last night, so let’s have Mexican tonight.’ It’s not about wanting to prove that I’m Marlon Brando; it’s more that I’m better at jumping all over the map than doing one thing really well. I hope it doesn’t come off as an arrogant actor who’s doing, like, a 15-year-long talent show.”

On nailing the part: “If I go in with a strong idea of what I want to do, there’s real inspiration for me to create something special. Sincerity is important, as is having a good time with it. Nobody really wants to see you up there being miserable.”

On Easter traditions: “We do traditional traditions: We boil the eggs and paint them. And we’re lucky enough to be visited by the Easter bunny. My son is hearing rumors about the Easter bunny at school, but our stance on that is, ‘I don’t care what anybody says; I believe it.’ ”