Barbara Nitke/CBS

No, your mind isn’t playing tricks on you: Unforgettable is back, and star Dylan Walsh hopes you remember to tune in.

Dylan Walsh was something of a globe-trotter as a child, a product of his father’s stint in the foreign service. “The good thing about moving as often as we did is I know how to pack my bags,” cracks the 49-year-old. Searching for a means of self-expression, Walsh found acting to be the perfect vehicle. After a storied stint on FX’s groundbreaking Nip/Tuck, Walsh thought he was going to have to pack his bags once again when his CBS mystery Unforgettable was canceled in May 2012. Fortunately, the network reconsidered, reviving the much-loved series, which focuses on a detective who remembers everything, for a run this summer. Walsh couldn’t be happier to stay in one place.

American Way: Unforgettable is back!
Dylan Walsh: Yes! Back from the dead. What I think is great is it’s given us a chance to sort of reboot and refine what it is we’re doing. I like the challenge.

AW: How has the show rebooted?
DW: There will be a little more action. The detectives are a lot more involved in the action — not just solving the crimes but actually involved in the present tense. I think the old way of doing the crime-procedural TV show — guys in trenchcoats walking around, asking questions, trying to piece together the narrative — that’s the old days. I think audiences want something a little different now. So we’re lighter and quicker and more action-packed now.

AW: Summer television used to be a wasteland, but this summer is shaping up to be a pretty great one.
DW: For years, we’ve had this tried-and-true television schedule: September to May and then reruns all summer. It actually surprises me that it’s taken so long to try great original programming during the summer. I think if you put on a great show in a good time slot, people are going to watch.

AW: The heroine of your show has an unusually detailed memory. Is that a gift you have?
DW: Before the show, I’d tell people I have a pretty good memory. Turns out I now think I have a pretty average memory, and I’m OK with that. I don’t think I’d want to remember everything. I think forgetting and letting go is an important survival tool.

AW: Audiences still love you from Nip/Tuck, which began every episode with your character uttering the line, “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.” So I have to ask …
DW: Oh, so many things. [Laughs] I have skinny ankles. Let’s just say I don’t wear shorts very often. Let me rephrase that: I never wear shorts. Clearly, I need ankle implants, but I can’t find anyone who does that.