2. "Sin City"
Hint: A haunting duet, it appeared on his fourth album, which was a masterpiece from beginning to end.

3. "It Only Hurts When I Cry"
Hint: Sweet, sad, funny, this song was cowritten with Roger Miller, who wrote "King of the Road."

4. "Hot Dog"
Hint: This one is pure fun, rockabilly genius, and was recorded under the title "Corky Jones."

5. "Two Doors Down"
Hint: The album it's on was written after a failed relationship. It's a masterwork of painful beauty.

6. "Take Me Back Again"
Hint: This slow-dancing, mellow-swinging song is a tribute to the country cosmopolitan sound.

1. Owens, from The Very Best of Buck Owens, Volume 1, 1994
2. Yoakam, with K.D. Lang, from Just Lookin' for a Hit, 1989
3. Yoakam, from If There Was a Way, 1990
4. Owens, from Young Buck: The Complete Pre-Capitol Recordings of Buck Owens, 2001
5. Yoakam, from This Time, 1993
6. Owens, from Buck Owens, 1961

0 to 10:
You may have ridden a horse, but only once. And not well.

10 to 30:
You believe the Boys Don't Cry song that goes, "I wanna be a cowboy, and you can be my cowgirl" counts as country. It does not.

30 to 50:
You wear denim just right, friend. But you've got to pull your hat down a little lower.

50 to 80:
You should invite us to your ranch someday.

80 to 90:
You are Dwight ­ Yoakam, and you should really stop reading your own press clippings.