"It's hard to pick just one because I just love being here. But a few years ago we all went to see U2. The boys came out and they played a two-hour set and just took the house down. Then the bunch of us went into town and went to the Pod, a rave club, and gave it a good lashing there. Then about 10 of us chipped in for a hotel room at The Merrion, so we could get the late drink, until the wee hours, 8 or 9 or 10 in the morning. Last order in most of the pubs is 12 or half past 12, but if you're staying in a hotel, if you're a resident, and you can sit up all night, they will serve you drinks. There's no doubt that you won't get a better drinkin' town in the world than Dublin. I've been accused of promoting the Irish cliché. But it's part of who we are. It all revolves around conversation. Sitting in a pub with people you like and meeting new people and having a laugh with strangers over a load of drinks."

colin farrell's dublin essentials

le meridien shelbourne, expensive; 011-353-1-663-4500

the merrion, very expensive; 011-353-1-603-0600

morrison hotel, expensive; 011-353-1-887-2400

abrakebabra, kebabs; inexpensive; multiple locations
bewley's, irish; inexpensive; 011-353-1-677-6761

chili club, thai; moderate; 011-353-1-677-3721

dobbins, wine bistro; moderate; 011-353-1-661-3321