"On Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoons or nights, go to Oliver St. John Gogartys, in Temple Bar, which is recognized as the cultural center of Dublin because of its cobblestone streets and ancient buildings. There are traditional musicians, anywhere between four and eight of them, banging away on a bodhran drum and the fiddle and singing a song."

"If you want to go fancy, there's Thornton's. Thornton's has two Michelin stars. It's quite fancy and upper class. Closer to town is La Stampa. French cuisine. Great wine list. And when you come out the door of La Stampa, you're facing The Mansion House, the Lord Mayor's residence and office, a beautiful blue and gold building with the stamp of Dublin on the roof."

"You have to see a play at The Abbey, the national theater of Ireland. W.B. Yeats is one of the founders. It's ancient. You always get some great Irish theater and great Irish actors there. There's a smaller theater that's part of the Abbey called The Peacock Stage, which does more experimental stuff. There's a bar across the road from there called Sean O'Casey's, which is as smoky and smelly an Irish pub as you'll ever get."