"Johnnie Fox's is up in the Dublin Mountains, about 45 minutes outside of Dublin. It's known as the highest pub in Ireland. It's a lovely drive up there. Johnnie Fox's has traditional lunches, a whole hall with long tables and Irish dancing bands. They do a great bowl of steamed mussels, great oysters, salmon, trout, steak, all that good, hearty food. It's so stunning, man. If you come out of the door of Johnnie Fox's and look left, right, or straight ahead, it's just beautiful scenery everywhere."

"The Dublin Writers Museum has all sorts of information on all of the boys: James Joyce, Brian Friel, Sean O'Casey, Samuel Beckett. It's so rich with history and beautiful writing and stories. Dublin's writers will never be forgotten. That museum will be there forever. There are books, original manuscripts, photographs, notes. There's an audio tour as well."

"Dublin is right on the east coast, and Sandymount Strand is great for a walk. When the tide is in, the water comes right up to the strand. When the tide is out, you can walk along the sand. It's a beautiful, beautiful walk, and there are gorgeous houses facing the ocean. It's not a beach for getting the towels out, but for a nice walk in the morning or the afternoon. And if you stand on Sandymount Strand and look around, you'll find a pub quick enough. We're a pub culture. There are pubs all around."