"Dublin is quite small and contained, so it's great to find little streets and pubs. Kehoe is a pub just off Grafton, which is the main shopping street. It's really old and a bit dank. The seats have cigarette burns in them. It's not rough at all, though. It's just a very old Dublin pub. They do a great pint of Guinness, which is always very important. Smoky atmosphere. If you're traveling from Los Angeles, you might not get too much of a kick out of it. For clubs, there's Lillies Bordello, which is popular. You can go until 3 in the morning for drinks. I've been drinking at Renard's for five or six years. They have three different floors, nicely decorated, quite modern. Downstairs is a nightclub, deejay, the whole thing, then upstairs is a pool table."

"If I could only eat at one place in Dublin it would be Abrakebabra, this dodgy kebab restaurant. There are about eight of them in Dublin. And if you get drunk out of your head, and chances are you will, at about 3 o'clock in the morning you can get a great lamb kebab. I come home and I love getting Abrakebabra in me."