Dropped calls are a drag. But dropped phones are even worse. Every year, an untold number of cellphones are accidentally dropped into swimming pools, bathtubs, toilets and sinks — a costly inconvenience for all of us who rely on the devices as we go about our busy, wireless lives. Until recently, one of the best-known treatments for a waterlogged phone was to place it in a bag of rice for three days, a folksy home remedy that yielded mixed results. But you can’t stop progress. Now, there’s a fittingly high-tech fix. DRYBOX RESCUE is a nifty innovation with a patent-pending drying chamber that removes moisture at the molecular level from small electronic devices — not just cellphones, but small cameras, MP3 players and GPS units too. DryBox does its job in less than 30 minutes, resuscitating a damaged device within two days of its getting wet. The machines are stationary units and can be found at 14 locations around the country, including in Texas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and New York. 

$20 to $40 per service, www.dryboxrescue.com