A spa should cater to your well-being inside and out.

The Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach takes this to heart with its new juice- and tea-based detox offerings. To set the scene, in addition to the complimentary lemon-infused water that most spas offer, Lapis also indulges guests with other tasty variations including pineapple, blueberry and watermelon. “We encourage our guests to be lavish with consumption,” says Josie Feria, director of spa operations. “Many of our treatments involve hot water, which can be overheating, so we suggest you ingest quite a bit of water.” For a deeper cleansing experience, try a special detoxing tea blend containing natural ingredients like algae and organically grown plants.

“These teas reduce edema and cleanse the body. They complement our wrap and lymphatic-drainage treatments,” Feria explains. The spa also features drinks with targeted nutrition, like citrus lemonade with cleansing chia seeds; protein-, enzyme- and probiotic-packed kombucha; and even vitamin-packed raw beet juice. “We’re not only conscious of the benefits,” Feria says. “We are true and loyal to the concept of a spa being a place for rejuvenation.”