"Hold on. Don't rank those. You know what? Those are in no particular order. I couldn't tell you which is my favorite. Because some nights, I'm craving that calamari from Emeril's Delmonico; some nights, I'm craving that turtle soup from K-Paul's. Or maybe shrimp tasso from Commander's, or charbroiled oysters from Drago's. Maybe the redfish fillet from Clancy's or the crabmeat salad. You name it, man, they've got it. And you've got to go try these places. My wife and I have probably each gained 10 pounds since we've come here."

After you eat, you must rest. Brees has a couple of suggestions for where to do that in New Orleans. "There are some really kind of unique and quaint hotels in the Quarter, but I have two favorites in the city. One is the Ritz-Carlton. It's awesome. I also love the Windsor Court. My wife and I stayed there for her 30th birthday last year."

We've mentioned that it gets hot, right? Luckily, you can cool off with some indoor activities. "Man, you've got to go see the IMAX Theatre. It's down next to the Audubon Aquarium. Actually, the aquarium is great as well - I wouldn't miss that. But the IMAX is playing a movie called Hurricane on the Bayou. It's interesting because they started filming it six months before Hurricane Katrina. Halfway through the shooting, the hurricane came. So they have a lot of before-and-after footage of the devastation in the city. The premise is that we need to rebuild our wetlands so we're not as susceptible to a major hurricane. The film really gives you a lot of perspective as to what happened here and what we can do to fix things."

It's worth noting that Brees signed a six-year, $60 million contract with the Saints. Sometimes he spends that money shopping. "Up and down Canal Street, right outside the French Quarter, [there's] some good shopping. You find more traditional stores, your Saks Fifth Avenue and your Brooks Brothers and that kind of thing, at the Shops at Canal Place. If you want eclectic, fun clothing stores, you go to Magazine Street, which is in Uptown. There are a lot of local stores there. If you want antiques, you have to go to Royal Street in the French Quarter. Plus, of course, there are all kinds of other unusual shops in the Quarter. You'll run into voodoo shops and places for beads and all that stuff."

Brees topped one columnist's jokey ranking of players who aren't jerks, so forgive him if he doesn't know much about the bars in a city lousy with swilleries. "Really, for my wife and me, our nightlife is really just going to a great restaurant; taking a nice walk afterward, whether it's downtown or in the French Quarter; and then maybe catching a movie. Sometimes we'll go to a jazz club. I'm not a Bourbon Street guy, so I can't help you there. But my wife and I were on a Mardi Gras float in the Bacchus parade. I always assumed Mardi Gras was just kind of a dirty thing, with a bunch of drunks and idiots with beads. But the way we experienced it was so classy. I was in a tux, and my wife was in a really nice gown. People were just so excited and so into the moment - and there are costumes and floats and families everywhere, and all this tradition. There's nothing like it."