Think oil and water don’t mix? You haven’t tried Clarins’ new DOUBLE SERUM. The French makeup and skin-care brand folds lipidic (oil-soluble) and hydric (water-soluble) ingredients into one high-impact blend with its latest age-defying formula. A dual-chambered pump keeps the two anti-aging concentrates separate until it’s time to apply, then delivers just the right ratio of each to restore and revitalize the skin.

Developers drew upon 27 years of botanical research to create the serum, which contains 20 distinct plant extracts that soothe skin damaged by time and environmental factors. Nourishing macadamia-nut and kiwi extracts improve tone; a blend of lemon thyme, hops and avocado encourages the production of collagen (which minimizes lines and leaves skin looking firm); and green-tea and pistachio extracts protect against premature aging and additional damage brought on by stress and the environment. Best of all, this multitasking super serum comes in a one-ounce bottle that’s easy to tuck into a carry-on. That means you can enjoy smooth, refreshed skin wherever your travels take you.