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Anthony Hopkins in The Rite

Apparently a good scare is no longer limited to Halloween, as a trio of new pulse pounders are getting set to hit theaters. This troubles us, as we can’t even watch most scary-movie previews without being riddled with nightmares for weeks. But for you, dear readers, we braved the latest crop of spine-tingling trailers to tell you which of them are simply spooky and which ones are truly terrifying.

Season of the Witch
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman
Synopsis: A 14th-century knight must transport a girl, who is believed to be a witch responsible for starting the Black Plague, to trial.
How far we made it into the TRAILER: 20 seconds. The combo of echo-y bass, shrill shrieks and quick flashes of demon-looking children was enough for us to hit pause.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Stars: Guy Pearce, Katie Holmes
Synopsis: A young girl discovers creatures living in her home.
How far we made it into the TRAILER: 48 seconds. And we only made it that long because there’s no video until the 0:47 mark — just a black screen, ominous music and whispers. At the first visual (a trembling face under the word Don’t), we bailed.

The Rite
Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Colin O’Donoghue
Synopsis: A priest undergoing exorcism training at the Vatican must administer aid to a young girl whose demonic possession he’s unconvinced of.
How far we made it into the TRAILER: All two minutes. Priestly Anthony Hopkins is less scary than his Hannibal Lecter incarnation.