Barely two years old, the Westin is Times Square's newest and most stylish lodging. Its signature spa showers are particularly reinvigorating after trekking all over the city. If you're still wiped out but hungry and don't want to venture too far, just head downstairs to Shula's Steak House.

Angelo's Pizzeria
moderate, (212) 333-4333.
This cheap but reliable haunt is guaranteed to satisfy your craving for the ultimate New York-style pizza. Their huge brick ovens turn out thin-crust pies with fresh, flavorful toppings. (Our favorite is the cheese with mushrooms, garlic, and fresh basil.) Although service is slow during peak times, it's worth the wait.

Great New York Noodletown inexpensive, (212) 349-0923.
If you're looking for a late-night dining spot, look no further. You can sup on their superb soups and noodles at the long, communal tables into the wee hours.

Times Square Bagels
inexpensive, (212) 997-7300.
A bagel is a bagel. Not! Long after you leave the store, the taste of their yeasty rolls made the old-fashioned way (boiled not steamed) will haunt you. Beware: There's no seating, so get it to go.

Stage Deli
moderate, (212) 245-7850.
Okay, we're not telling you anything new with this recommendation, but a trip to New York just isn't complete without one of their honking Reuben sandwiches. If Reubens aren't your thing, how about the Bill Cosby triple-decker piled high with turkey, tongue, and corned beef, or the Dolly Parton, twin rolls stacked with pastrami and corned beef.

Niketown, (212) 891-6453.
Niketown features floor after floor of the latest and greatest gear for basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, football, yoga, you name it. But it's worth a visit even if your favorite sport is simply shopping.