AMERICAN WAY: What if you want to splurge after, say, having your TV show picked up? What then?
TRUMP: Honestly, I don't go out and splurge.

AMERICAN WAY: So you wouldn't buy yourself a Ferrari or something?
TRUMP: I have a Ferrari, but I don't call that splurging. I also have a Lamborghini and a Mercedes and a bunch of other cars in different places. [He hesitates for a beat.] Actually, my ultimate splurge was a $25 million yacht that I bought from Adnan Khashoggi and never used. I found out that I'd rather play golf than be on a yacht, and after playing golf you don't feel like spending time on a yacht. So it sat with a crew of 75 people and cost me a fortune for three years until I sold it in 1991. That was the biggest, most wasteful extravagance of my life. That was a splurge.

AMERICAN WAY: You've got one of the more notorious hairdos in town. Where do you get it cut?
TRUMP: Melania cuts it.

AMERICAN WAY: Really? I imagined you would have a barber.
TRUMP: Melania has many talents, but perhaps haircutting is not one of them. I'm criticized unmercifully for my hair. Now, though, I'm afraid to change it. A new hairstyle might drop the show down to number 40 in the ratings.

AMERICAN WAY: You have an awful lot going on: the TV show, buildings going up along the Hudson River, golf courses in Westchester and New Jersey. It all sounds very stressful. Where around town do you go when you need to relax?
TRUMP: I never relax.