AMERICAN WAY: Those are two great courses, but they're both private and you can't get on them without a membership or a friend who belongs. What's a great public course in the New York area?
TRUMP: There are no great public courses. Bethpage is as good as it will get. I used to play there when I was 18 years old. I waited in line from 2 in the morning to get a tee time at 10. I used to sleep in my car and think nothing of it. Then, if I was lucky, I had an eight-hour round.

AMERICAN WAY: Where do you buy gifts for Melania, your fiancée, to make up for all the time you spend on the golf course and at the office?
TRUMP: I go to Asprey, Tiffany, and Fred Leighton for jewelry. Dolce & Gabbana for clothing. And Manolo Blahnik for shoes. They like it when I walk into
these places, and they actually give me good deals.

AMERICAN WAY: Wait a minute. They give you good deals?
TRUMP: It's funny, but it's like when I go to restaurants, and the owners never have me pay for meals. It makes me feel kind of guilty, although I know that if I wasn't hot and I needed the meals, I would be paying for them. It doesn't make sense and it's not right, but that's the way it is.

AMERICAN WAY: If you weren't The Donald, how would you get the price down in a high-end Manhattan boutique?
TRUMP: You can negotiate every price in every store, although Tiffany is hard. Once a company becomes a big chain, the people in the individual stores have no power to negotiate. So you have to go to an independent place. You can negotiate, for example, with all the dress companies. A woman is foolish to buy an expensive dress and not negotiate. If she doesn't negotiate, she's just wasting money. I walk into a place and offer to give them $2,000 for a $10,000 item. It's a little embarrassing because I'm Trump, but I get a nice discount. Maybe they'll sell it to me for $5,000. Other people can do the same thing. But you have to be willing to walk away. If you're not going to walk away, they'll stand up and insist that they can't do it for less than the asking price. Walk away a couple times and they will even­tually bring it down for you.