AMERICAN WAY: One of the reigning New York debates is about the quickest way to the airport. What's your preferred mode of transport?

No helicopter?
TRUMP: No. It costs you $5,000 an hour for a helicopter, plus landing fees. That turns it into an $8,000 trip, and then you need to have a special car waiting for you at the airport. After all that, in the end, you wind up saving three minutes.

AMERICAN WAY: Let's say I'm a guy you want to do business with. Where do you put me up?
TRUMP: Well, the New York Post rated Trump International Hotel & Tower number one in Manhattan. Other than that, though, I'd send you to the Waldorf, which is, let's face it, the Waldorf.

AMERICAN WAY: Other than where we are sitting right now, what's the best view in town?
TRUMP: Actually, the best view is from Harlem. It's Central Park North, which nobody really thinks about. From up there, you're looking through the park and down at Manhattan. To really see it, though, you would have to go up there in a helicopter or plane. That would be the nicest view.

AMERICAN WAY: You don't strike me as a casual-Friday kind of guy. Every time I see you, if you're not golfing or something, you're dressed in a beautifully tailored suit. Where do you get them?
TRUMP: I use Brioni for suits. And I get them off the rack. Custom-made clothing is a waste of time for anyone with a normal body.

AMERICAN WAY: Let's say you wrap things up one morning and realize you have an afternoon off in New York. Where do you go?
TRUMP: That hardly ever happens. But when it does, I play golf. I either go to Trump National Golf Club in Westchester or else Winged Foot [in Mamaroneck]. I've had a membership there for many years, and it is a magical place that's been around since the early 1900s. The people there are special friends of mine, and they love playing my course as well.