AMERICAN WAY: You're known, obviously, as a guy who makes a lot of deals. Where do you go to celebrate a particularly big one?
TRUMP: I like going to Jean Georges. He's a tremendous tenant of mine [the restaurant is located in Trump International Hotel], a tremendous guy, and, most importantly, the food is great. It's his best restaurant by far. Daniel, likewise. I built 610 Park Av­enue and made the deal with Daniel Boulud to go in. He's hit a home run with his restaurant. Another spectacular place is Le Cirque 2000. Sirio Maccioni, the owner, is the great master. And I love the feeling of Downtown Cipriani. It's got a cool vibe. The beauty of New York is that there are so many great restaurants. You can go month after month to different restaurants, never eat at the same place twice, and be very happy.

AMERICAN WAY: Do you have a favorite dive? A restaurant where no one would ever expect to see Donald Trump?
TRUMP: I'm building a golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. It's the richest place on earth, where you have people with 25-acre mansions. And there's a pizza parlor there, Bedminster Pizza, about three minutes away from the entrance of my club, with the best pizza I've ever had. It's so Italian that the guys there hardly speak English.

AMERICAN WAY: What is the most New York thing you eat?
TRUMP: Um [he seems momentarily stumped], New York strip steaks. We have the best steakhouses here, but I go to Peter Luger, in Brooklyn, for steak. I don't know if heaven can be better than Peter Luger, which also has the best home fries and great shrimp cocktails.