One of the advantages of being under Freixenet’s financial umbrella is that Gloria Ferrer can afford to age its sparkling wines properly before release. Wine storage is costly, but proper aging pays off in the final product. As a case in point, the 1993 Royal Cuvée is just hitting the shelves now. The price is extremely modest for a wine of this caliber. By the way, if you can get your hands on the gorgeous 1991, by all means stock up on it, too.


Schramsberg "J Schram" 1995, $75
Creamy and Complex
Try it with Smoked Salmon

Korbel Extra Dry NV, $11
Fresh and Approashable
Great with Brunch and Spicy Stuff

Gloria Ferrer Royal Cuvée, $24
Toasty and Yeasty
A Good Choice as an Apertif