This All Hallows' Eve, leave your trick-or-treat bag at home and tremble over to one of these ghostly gatherings. Apparitions and ghouls need not apply.

By Becca Hensley

Haunted Halloween Harbor Cruise
Climb aboard a ghoulish galleon at haunted Fells Point, a historic maritime village in Baltimore, Maryland. The ship sails just one night (October 28), but if you miss it, try the Original Fells Point Ghost Walk, which takes place every weekend along cobble stoned streets. Among others, discover Doc, a retired sea captain who just won't leave his former abode.

Scream at the Beach
There's something for everyone at Portland, Oregon's beachside spook-house extravaganza. Choose from myriad eerie gatherings, limited only by your dread factor. Perhaps walk down the hall of the Hayden Institute for the Criminally Insane, take a surreal step into Julie's nightmare, or be victim to the rantings of the voodoo woman. Young visitors will love the Pirate Funhouse.

Ghost Spotting
- Hang at Scottsdale, Arizona's Hermosa Inn and have a drink with its cowboy ghost, believed to be the original owner of the place. He looms above beds, sits at the bar, and chats loudly in the dining room.
- Numerous specters plague the Queen Mary, once the most luxurious ocean liner to sail the Atlantic. Now docked in Long Beach, California, it hosts phantoms in the pool, in the bow, and in the children's playroom.
- San Antonio's Menger Hotel spook is a chambermaid who was killed by her husband and who roams the inn's Victorian wing.
- Housekeepers at the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, D.C., report doors slamming, a woman's soft cries - and even hugs, received while cleaning rooms.
- A paranormal hot spot, the third floor of Boston’s Omni Parker House has two ghosts. One, a man, emits raucous laughter and the smell of whiskey; the other, a departed actress, sends the elevator up on its own to the floor where she died.