HP Jornada 565 ($599)
Slim and only 6.1 ounces, this nifty new workhorse holds nothing back in performance. The 3.5-inch display sports bright, vibrant color images indoors and out, powered by a 206MHz processor, 32MB of RAM, and up to 14 hours of battery life. Browse the Web and keep track of appointments, meetings, projects, and client info. (800) 752-0900; www.hp.com

DUO-96 E-Cassette ($299)
Here’s a tiny dynamo that provides hours of music or audiobooks, either as a stand-alone, on its built-in 96MB memory (expandable to 192MB), or in any standard audiocassette
machine. Add Digisette’s optional digital voice recorder and you can bring the DUO-96 to meetings, classrooms, and client appointments to record up to eight hours of audio notes, and then download them onto a PC. www.digisette.com

Camedia E-20N ($1,999)
Five megapixels and a dual-mode operation make the new Olympus E-20N appealing to serious amateur shooters and any pro who needs crisp photos for the job: real estate agents, claims adjusters, and contractors, among them. The Interlaced Scan provides top resolution for sharp prints as big as 11 x 14 inches, while the Progressive Scan captures scenes in fast action or bright light with shutter speeds up to 1/18,000 second. Dedicated buttons for flash, media cards, and white balance make shooting a snap, and the aluminum casing helps reduce heat and noise, a boon for longer, low-light exposures. (800) 622-6372; www.olympus.com