David Roark

This may be hard to believe, but Disney, in true Walt spirit, has once again outdone itself with Disney Dream, the company’s latest addition to its cruise line. Aboard this vessel, your dreams aren’t happening while you’re fast asleep, as Cinderella would have you ­believe — trust us.
Jimmy DeFlippo
Rather, these are dreams come true, filled with excitement, laughter and adventure, and they’re sure to keep you and your “crew” completely engaged from the ­minute you step aboard. A few highlights: the (1)AquaDuck, the first-ever shipboard water coaster. The water ride’s translucent tube shoots you out over the side of the ship (150 feet above sea level), a corkscrew turn pulls you back aboard, and a loop around the pool deck finally brings your raft to rest — four decks below where you started. For the kiddos, Midship Detective ­Agency will make quite an impression. It’s an interactive game for children of all ages that utilizes a special detective “badge” that unlocks clues hidden in select pieces of Enchanted Art (art that magically comes to life) found on various decks of the ship. After hours, The District is a nighttime entertainment area filled with various cocktail lounges and a contemporary
Diana Zalucky
nightclub. Adults can also indulge in the  (2)Senses Spa & Salon for a little pampering and relaxation, and the two restaurants, Palo and Remy (reserved for guests 18 and older), offer a nice escape from the little buccaneers. www.disneycruise.disney.go.com