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Our Road Warriors were more than patient with us as we shot them in roughly 7-degree weather on the slopes of Deer Valley Resort.
Photo by Ed McCulloch

Getting to Know...

Second-Prize Winner:
Roy D. Desrochers (the professional beer taster)
Practice Leader, GEI Consultants, Inc.

Waltham, Massachusetts

Roy, what was the first job you ever had?
Dishwasher in a local diner.

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met
 Ed Asner.

If you could meet anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
Jesus Christ. Whether from a historical point of view or religious, he has shaped today’s world more than any other single historical figure. It would be fascinating to talk to him face to face.

What was a defining moment in your current career that proved to you that you had finally achieved what you had been working for?
When two brands of beer that I helped to develop became market leaders in their home countries. It was incredibly rewarding.

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Photo by Ed McCulloch
My favorite meal is:
Barbecued chicken and beer.

If I could vacation anywhere in the world, it’d be: Alaska.

The best Admirals Club, hands down, is: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

I’ve never: Had a massage.

The one piece of technology I can’t live without: My BlackBerry.

Electronic reading device or book? Book.

When I need inspiration, I: Drink beer.

But if I want to unwind, I: Cook, a lot!

Check or carry on? Check.

My favorite television show (assuming I have time to watch) is: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

CNN, MSNBC or Fox News? CNN International.

Sound Bites:
• My favorite color is orange.
• My picture has been in Glamour and National Geographic.
• I was a foosball champion in college.
• I won second place in the Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair.
• I was a triple jumper in high school.
• I marched on the field as a band guest during halftime of a Harvard/Yale football game.
• I am part Cherokee Indian.
• I love John Wayne movies.
• I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon.
• I am terrified of being alone.
• I love Harpoon beer (and if you knew me, you’d know I rarely declare a love for just one beer).