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Dirty Yoga IS a down and dirty workout that could be the way to squeeze exercise into your teeming schedule. The online subscription service can be done anytime and anywhere.

“Our workouts are time-efficient and designed to deliver as much bang for your buck as possible,” says co-founder and instructor Jess Gronholm. “There’s no lying around or downtime in Dirty Yoga.” Classes of different levels are available to watch on the website and can be done in a hotel room or your office, making it perfect for busy travelers. And with brand-new videos each week, you won’t grow bored of the same old DVD routine. Sign up for one week ($10), one month ($25) or for an ongoing subscription ($20 monthly) with 13 new videos available to view each week. If you prefer skipping the “oms” and all the touchy-feely stuff and just want to get right to sweating, this workout is for you. 

Post-Flight Moves
While you should stretch as much as you can during a flight, you can really make a big difference in the way your body feels with a little yoga after your flight. These three poses will get you started:

Downward Dog
Courtesy Dirty Yoga Co.
Stretches your legs, back and shoulders, and wakes up your body. Hold for one minute.
Standing Pigeon
Courtesy Dirty Yoga Co.
Loosens your hips, tush and lower back. Hold each side for one minute.
Courtesy Dirty Yoga Co.
Makes space in your body. Hold each side for one minute.