One of the biggest treats of the summer hits video stores May 28, when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone debuts on a two-disc DVD set available in both widescreen and full-frame formats. The release includes interviews that offer fans a peek at the upcoming second film in the series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and an interactive tour that allows viewers to experience Hogwart’s as first-year students. Added bonus: The DVD also works as a DVD-ROM, letting users play games, trade/collect wizard cards online, and download screen savers.
However, since Harry Potter isn’t out until the end of May, you can keep the kids happy in the meantime by tuning in to the imagi-native miniseries Dinotopia, premiering Sunday, May 12, at 7
p.m. ET on ABC. Based on the bestselling books by author/
illustrator James Gurney, the story follows the adventures of two brothers who, after a twist of fate, find themselves in a strange, fantastical world where humans and dinosaurs coexist in an almost perfect life. Fans say Dinotopia is one of the most technically complex movies in the history of American television — and a
delight to watch.

Family fun aside, a slew of other buzzworthy films make it to the DVD shelves this month, including The Others, the Hughes brothers’ From Hell, and Ocean’s Eleven.