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Win or lose, here's where some of the NBA's top players head for a little postgame noshing while on the road.


When the Cleveland Cavaliers develop an appetite playing their rival, the Chicago Bulls, they sate their hunger at the iconic Gibsons Bar &; Steakhouse (1028 North Rush Street, 312-266-8999, www.gibsonssteakhouse.com). The Gold Coast steak house is a favorite among athletes, movie stars, and tourists hoping to get a glimpse of Chicago glitterati. Zydrunas Ilgauskas recommends “the biggest steak they have, mashed potatoes, and veggies.”

Another team favorite is the Home Run Inn (4254 West 31st Street, 773-247-9696, www.homeruninn.com), a chain of pizza joints where players can grab a pie while catching the highlights from the game. The pizza is some of Chicago’s best, but J.J. Hickson’s favorite? The wings.

Beef is as much a part of Dallas as the Mavericks, and the New Jersey Nets don’t forget that when they’re in town. The Capital Grille (500 Crescent Court, 214-303-0500, www.thecapitalgrille.com), known for its elegant dining, spectacular lamb chops, and dry-aged steaks, is a regular stop for the Jersey team. Coach Lawrence Frank usually tackles the 22-ounce Delmonico steak.

When the Nets are hungering for a more exotic menu, they hit up chic Nobu Dallas (400 Crescent Court, 214-252-7000, www.noburestaurants.com), where Devin Harris can’t resist the sautéed shrimp with spicy garlic sauce.


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Los Angeles
With so many famous dining options in Los Angeles, the Dallas Mavericks always have a hard time choosing. But, Mr. Chow (344 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, 310-278-9911, www.mrchow.com), where celebrity sightings are as common as dumplings, is always a number one pick. Erick Dampier raves about the Mr. Chow Noodles with Chicken.

The team also has difficulty passing up Crustacean Beverly Hills (9646 Little Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, www.anfamily.com), a Euro-Vietnamese hot spot considered one of the best restaurants in the country.

Fortunately for the Miami Heat, finding a great meal in Boston is a lot easier than finding a way around Kevin Garnett. The Miami team loves eating at the ultra-relaxing Sonsie (327 Newbury Street, 617-351-2500, sonsieboston.com), where the leather sofas and a sidewalk café area complement the unique and diverse menu. Marcus Banks suggests the grilled sirloin steak and the spinach with garlic and olive oil.

The team also recommends the Bristol Lounge (200 Boylston Street, 617-338-4400, www.fourseasons.com/boston) in the Four Seasons Hotel, because after a bruising game, leaving the hotel can seem like a bit of a daunting task. Known as “Boston’s living room,” the lounge offers stunning views of the Boston Public Garden as a scenic side dish to its gourmet meals. The Bristol sirloin burger with aged Vermont cheddar and crispy fries is always a sure pick.

New York
A game at Madison Square Garden is only part of the New York experience. After playing the Knicks, the Phoenix Suns get authentic by hitting up Pizza Shack (525 Grand Street, 212-477-3367), one of the best places in the city to grab a Coke and a slice.

When a bigger celebration (and meal) is in order, though, the Suns like a sizzling hunk of beef, so the team heads to Houston’s (378 Park Avenue South, 212-689-1090, www.hillstone.com). Specializing in an array of American food and sporting an extensive wine list, it never disappoints. Matt Barnes’ top pick? What else, the New York Strip Steak.

We Asked,
They Answered …

1. What’s the one thing you can’t do without when you’re on the road?

2. What’s your favorite city to play in?

3. What’s your favorite hotel?

Greg Oden
Center, Portland Trail Blazers
1. I can’t live without a computer. How else would I do my blogs? 2. Favorite city is Miami for sure. Why? Simply because it’s Miami! 3. In any city, I like the Four Seasons, because they have that good-smelling lotion.

Kevin Durant
Guard-Forward, Oklahoma City Thunder
1. My laptop. 2. Washington, D.C. It’s my hometown, and I can see my family and friends during my stay. 3. The Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco, because it’s located in the middle of everything. Lots to do there. -- E.R.

Tyson Chandler
Center, New Orleans Hornets
1. I can’t do without my sketchbook. 2. New York. I like the history of Madison Square Garden. 3. Every year my wife and I go on a big vacation with a couple of our closest friends, and I really enjoy the Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Center, Cleveland Cavaliers
1. My cell phone and BlackBerry. 2. New York -- it has so many options. You can always have a great meal, go see a show, or just walk around the streets. 3. I really like the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. -- E.R.

Devin Harris
Guard, New Jersey Nets
1. My laptop. 2. Indiana. I always play well there. 3. My favorite city is Miami, so I’ll say the Four Seasons in Miami.

Baron Davis
Guard, L.A. Clippers
1. My laptop -- to catch up on e-mails and watch all the funny videos on YouTube and IBeatYou.com. 2. New York City at Madison Square Garden. The arena has so much history and is an amazing place to play. And being in New York is always fun. There’s never a dull moment. 3. The Mandarin Oriental in Miami. They’ve always had the best service, the restaurants are great, and I love the rooms. -- E.R.

O.J. Mayo
Guard, Memphis Grizzlies
1. My iPhone. It helps keep me close to my family, my teammates, and all those important to me. 2. L.A., because of the weather and the atmosphere in the Staples Center. 3. The James Chicago, because of its modern style.

Brook Lopez
Forward-Center, New Jersey Nets
1. Probably my laptop. 2. Since I’m from the West Coast, I’d have to say somewhere in California. 3. Actually, I really liked the hotel we stayed at in Utah [the Grand America Hotel]. It was nice and my favorite so far. -- E.R.

Chris Duhon
Guard, New York Knicks
1. My cell phone. If I forget my charger, I’ll ask every teammate until I find one. 2. Toronto. It’s beautiful and really, really clean. 3. The Phoenician in Scottsdale, because the beds are comfortable, and they have a really nice golf course.

Rudy Gay
Forward, Memphis Grizzlies
1. My Apple laptop and my iPod. 2. Washington, D.C. -- I have a big family, and they all get to come see me play since D.C. is close to my hometown of Baltimore. Also, L.A., because you never know what celebrities you’re going to see at the game. 3. Four Seasons in D.C., and the Beverly Wilshire in L.A. ... I love getting massages there before games. -- E.R.