When handhelds first became hot, Add-on Cameras hit the market. But interest was low, innovation waned, and products (like Kodak’s PalmPix) disappeared. With the booming popularity of digital photography, camera add-ons are back in vogue. Most fit specific handheld models and aren’t interchangeable from brand to brand. Still, lots of improvements and lower prices make these a practical, lightweight option for capturing on-site action.

PROS: Higher resolution (800 x 600) than the competition, 2X digital zoom, and swing-out lens that shoots in front or behind you. CONS: Only works with HP iPAQ. Bulkier than most other clip-on cameras. BOTTOM LINE: A bit more expensive, but the best choice for the best resolution. MORE INFO:www.nexian.com
PROS: Better than most for video recording; captures up to 30 frames per second. Can be used alone or with LifeView’s FlyJacket, which allows the expansion slot to stay open for another accessory. CONS: Manual focus is a bit old-fashioned. BOTTOM LINE: A low price for quality full-motion captures makes this attractive for lightweight traveling videographers. MORE INFO:www.lifeview.com
PROS: Can be used with any Pocket PC. The easy clip-on swivels 180 degrees (shoot yourself!) and features 1.3 megapixel photos and 2X digital zoom. CONS: Most 2002 Pocket PC handhelds require a Compact Flash Type 1 slot. BOTTOM LINE: Great resolution for a handheld camera, combined with a low price, makes this a good choice for all Pocket PC users. MORE INFO:www.pretec.com