INFOCUS LP530 ($4,999)
Here’s a user-friendly gem that sets up in a snap and, at just 5.7 pounds, travels anywhere you do. Crank up the brightness to 2000 ANSI lumens for product demos and sales meetings, then switch to energy-saving mode for boardrooms or a one-on-one marketing pitch. A razzle-dazzle feature is connectivity to a PC, DVD player, camcorder, or gaming console. (800) 294-6400
PLUS V-1080 (around $3,500)
This digital two-pounder, set to ship next month, puts on a simple-yet-sharp show. Credit PLUS’ short-focus lens and a hefty 800 ANSI lumens display for bright, crisp images, from as close as four feet (think: your client’s cubicle) or as far as 21 feet away. Wrapped in a tough magnesium alloy case, the V-1080 can take most bumps in stride. (800) 289-7587
BOXLIGHT MP-40t ($7,399)
When size matters, this new powerhouse fills the bill — and an auditorium — quite nicely. Brightness abounds, thanks to 3000 ANSI lumens and a 700:1 contrast ratio, so you can leave the lights on and still project crisp, clean images. That’s handy for any speaker with a note-taking audience. You’ll take note of MP-40t’s expansion potential (e.g., DVD, printer, stereo speakers, digital cameras) and lifetime, 24/7 technical support. (800) 762-5757 — MARC BOISCLAIR